J4 - Prayers of the Faithful (Option 4)

Priest:     Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ. Therefore we boldly lift our prayers to God, who is love.

Reader:    Please respond: Lord, hear our prayer.

1.    For the Church, for fidelity in proclaiming the Gospel, for faith in good times and in bad, for unwavering commitment to unity. May God’s people never cease to profess boundless love for all of God’s own. We pray to the Lord.  R.

2.    For the world and for all peoples, for those without food, shelter or clothing, for those without meaningful work or meaningful relationships, for those without hope, joy or peace. May we be a word of comfort for them and a sign of Christ’s abundant love. We pray to the Lord.  R.

3.    For our families and friends, for those who gathered here and those far away, for those united in love many years and those just beginning, for those we love and for those we struggle to love. May Christ deepen our bond to each other in God’s strong embrace. We pray to the Lord.  R.

4.    For N. and N. and all who begin married life today, for peace in times of chaos and confusion, for generosity when there is little to give, for faith in each other and love beyond reason. May their lives be a sacrament of Christ’s irrational, irresistible, and inconceivable love for us all. We pray to the Lord.  R.  

5.    For those in need of healing, for those nearing death, for loved ones who have died, and for all who need our prayers. May nothing ever separate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus. We pray to the Lord.  R.

Priest:    Faithful God, you are ever for us, giving us only good things and filling our every need. We place our hope in you alone. As we have heard your voice in your Word, and seen you love manifest in this couple today, so make us now you life-giving presence for the world. Fill us with your unfailing Spirit of love, that the prayers we have offered may come to fulfillment in you. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

All: Amen