The $700 check you bring to the rehearsal includes the use of the church and the fees for the parish priest, organist/pianist, cantor and sacristan. If you have a priest from outside of our parishes the fee is $625. It is your responsibility to compensate your guest priest.

If you choose to use other instrumentalists from the parish, those fees are separate and also due at the rehearsal. Individual checks should be written out to each additional musician. Names of these musicians will be provided so the checks can be written in advance. If you have questions contact the Director of Music and Liturgy.

The musicians for the wedding are customarily the parish Director of Music and Liturgy and a parish cantor. If you choose to involve other musicians, through personal or family relationship - or desire additional instrumentalists, all arrangements are to be made through the Director of Music and Liturgy before any commitments are made with other musicians at least 6 months in advance.