Flowers and Decorations

Flowers are optional. Our churches are beautiful as they are. However, should you want flowers in the church, please keep these guidelines in mind:  

  • No flowers or centerpieces may be placed on the altar.
  • Flower arrangements may be placed on either side of the tabernacle, or ambo (where the reader stands). Other appropriate locations that work well (depending on the church site) may be approved by the Director of Music and Liturgy in advance. 
  • Pew bows or flowers may be used. They must be tied or clipped on the pew end - NO tape, tacks or staples are permitted!
  • No guest books are allowed in Church please save those for the reception.
  • NOTHING! may be thrown in isle (flower petals - fresh or silk) or outside of the church (rice, birdseed, balloons, bubbles or releasing of birds).
  • No decorations outside of the church are permitted! This includes handrails or wreaths on the doors of the church - inside or outside.

It is most important to note that our parish environment has various seasonal decorations. These decorations cannot be disturbed to satisfy the varying tastes of individual couples. Please convey this information to your photographer as well.