Guidelines Regarding Photography and Videotaping

  1. Photographic personnel are welcome to attend the wedding rehearsal. Please ask your photographer and/or videographer to speak to the priest before the liturgy. Photographic personnel are to observe strictly the time limits surrounding your wedding celebration, namely, a two-hour time block beginning one half hour before the liturgy is scheduled to begin. (Thus, for a 2:00pm wedding the time block is from 1:30-3:30pm).
  2. Photographic personnel are expected to behave in a professional, courteous manner at all times. They are not allowed in the sacristy or the sanctuary (altar area) during the liturgy. They are not to climb on or move any furniture. Throughout the liturgy, they are to create no distractions, and are never to obstruct the view of anyone. They are to leave no litter behind.
  3. Flash photography is ONLY allowed during the entrance procession and the recessional. Movie lights are not allowed. During the entrance and recessional processions, photographic personnel may not stand in the center aisle, but rather must stand at the edge of the aisle within one of the rows of pews. There is to be no signaling of directions to persons in the processions.
  4. Photographers and videographers are welcome to use the balcony without interfering with the musicians who have an important role in the liturgy.
  5. All posed pictures are to reflect a basic respect for the church as a house pf prayer; e.g. no “garter shots” of the bride or “gag shots” in or around the church.
  6. No flowers, candles, photographic equipment, wedding booklets, etc. are to be placed on the altar.
Please share these guidelines with your photographer and/or videographer prior to the day of your wedding.