Frequently Asked Questions about Saints Peter and Paul

Is there a bride's room available? 

The Church Center, located beneath the church, may be used if it is available. It is strongly recommended that bridesmaids come dressed to the church. The Church Center offers few amenities for more than the bride to get dressed there. Because the room is used by the parish on Sunday mornings, please leave the Church Center as orderly as you found it. 

Aisle Runner

 It is not necessary or encouraged to have an aisle runner. However, if a couple chooses to have an aisle runner for personal reasons, arrangements are made through the florist. The length of the aisle at Saints Peter and Paul Church is 90 feet. The ushers are responsible for removing the runner and disposing of it. 


Saints Peter and Paul provides the altar and sanctuary candles for weddings. The couple is responsible for providing the unity candle if they have chosen to have one. 

What address for the church should we include on our invitations? 

The full address of the Saints Peter and Paul church building is: 

Saints Peter and Paul Church 
2490 North Cramer Street 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin