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May 28, 2021

Dear Wedding Couples,

            As you may be aware, the Milwaukee Forward Health Order will expire on June 1st. The order’s expiration lifts the existing mask ordinance and capacity restrictions in the city of Milwaukee. Thus, we would like to share our revised guidelines for weddings in our parishes:

  • Masks – are optional, following the CDC guidelines that for those who are fully vaccinated masks are not required.
  • Capacity – the number of guests permitted is no longer limited by our need to seat guests in every other pew. Church capacity returns to normal, with approximate numbers for the following individual churches:
    • Old St. Mary – 300; St. Hedwig – 350; Saints Peter and Paul – 250; St. Casimir – 375; Holy Rosary – 250
  • The Wedding Liturgy.
    • You are welcome to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony within the full celebration of Mass or a Liturgy of the Word with the Marriage Rite.
    • Family and friends are welcome to participate in the Liturgy as Lectors and/or Gift Bearers. Holy Communion will continue to be distributed only under the species of the Precious Body, so this will be performed by our parish staff.
  • Photography & Livestreaming
    • You may take pictures after Mass with immediate family and the wedding party. You will be allowed 30 minutes for these pictures so be sure your photographer is aware of this ahead of time.
    • Livestreaming is allowed if you have someone who can do this but the parish does not offer this service or have any involvement in it.  Guidelines are the same as photographers, so please see our wedding website for more information.  Note – Wi-Fi is not available; use of one’s own data or hotspot is required.
  •  Rehearsals
    • We will continue to have rehearsals the evening prior to the wedding.

Feel free to contact your priest or musician to answer any questions you may have regarding these details! Know of our desire for the continued health and well-being of all who enter our doors. We are so glad that in this most unusual of years, you are still choosing to get married in our church. Congratulations and best wishes as you approach your wedding day!

Sincerely, Fr. Tim Kitzke and Fr. John Baumgardner