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Planning your wedding ceremony is a fun and joyous task! We encourage you to dive in and get fully involved in this process together. This page will walk you through the different aspects of the ceremony (or liturgy) and explain the planning process. You can also look through your reading options here and listen to the music choices here.

Liturgy Planning

In deciding to be married in the Catholic Church, you have chosen to celebrate your marriage within the beautiful, sacred traditions of the Catholic Church. In consultation with your presiding priest, you may choose to celebrate your marriage within the Nuptial Mass (with Communion) or with the Liturgy of the Word only (no Communion).

You and your fiancé will select the readings, petitions, and music (including the processional music, psalm, Alleluia, Communion song if desired, song to Mary if desired, and recessional music). Our favorite options are available to read and listen to on this website. If you wish to have something other than what is on this website, please talk with the Director of Liturgy and Music at your parish. Secular or popular music is best saved for your reception.

The Director of Liturgy and Music at the parish where you are being married will help you plan your marriage ceremony and arrange for musicians. After reading and listening to the options for readings and music, please fill out the Ceremony Planning Form with your choices, and then contact the Director of Liturgy and Music at the parish to set up a meeting. Please contact him at least 3-4 months before the wedding.

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist – Joseph Smaldino: or 414-276-9814

Old St. Mary – Tom Koester: or 414-271-6180

Our Lady of Divine Providence – Iason Giagtzoglou: or 414-271-6577

SS. Peter and Paul – Tom Koester: or 414-962-2443

Three Holy Women – Iason Giagtzoglou: or 414-271-6577

Wedding Musicians

The parish where you are being married provides an organist/pianist (typically the Director of Liturgy and Music) and singer (cantor) included in the fee to the church for your wedding. Many of our wedding couples choose to also include an instrumentalist — flute, trumpet, or violin. The Director of Liturgy and Music at your parish can hire one or more of these instruments for your wedding. Their fee is separate and additional to the fee you pay to the church.

If you have a family member or friend who you would like to involve in the music for your wedding day, these arrangements must be approved by the Director of Liturgy and Music at least 6 months in advance. Visiting singers are welcome to sing a prelude and/or the song to the Blessed Mother. All musicians must be competent, know their music, and demonstrate a professional and prayerful approach to the ministry of a Sacred Musician.  

Wedding Programs

After your meeting, the Director of Liturgy and Music at your parish will provide an order of worship for you to use in your wedding program. This order of worship will include the spoken and sung responses so that your guests may enthusiastically participate in the celebration of your marriage. The inner pages are provided, but you are responsible for creating your own cover and for having the programs printed. You may bring your programs to your wedding rehearsal. Below is an example of a wedding order of worship as it would be provided to you.

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